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10 fantasy ideas generated for your character:

  • Airsu (the Strong)
  • Biephoan (the Nocturnal)
  • Peirleos (the Dragonlord)
  • Neodeog (Champion of Men)
  • Seriog (Champion of the Green)
  • Yrsiar (the Redeemer)
  • Siermerth (Champion of the Yellow)
  • Gituphie (the Evil One)
  • Ciemmailior (Longtail)
  • Ummudior (the Clean)

Dragons are fantasy creatures that symbolize power, nobility and wisdom. You can come across them in myths and legends, books, movies and such popular games as DnD or Skyrim.

If you want to create a fantasy dragon character, you should invent a catchy name for them. Our AI name generator can offer top-notch random ideas to you!

Types of Dragons

Dragons differ greatly in their looks and behavior. Some of them have green eyes while others have red. They can be bearded or not.

Dragons can be male or female. While they're still young, they tend to be funny and not too dangerous. As they grow up, they learn to breathe fire and everyone begins to respect them. Or, some dragons might breathe ice.

Why Is It Important to Pick a Superb Name for a Dragon

The dragon's name should impress everyone who crosses paths with this mythical creature. The name should be easy to remember and accentuate the unique status of its owner.

How to Use Our Name Generator

Push the button, let the system generate a list of names for you and pick the best variants! Feel free to repeat as frequently as you wish.

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