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10 random ideas generated for your Sci-Fi story:

  • Telriayama
  • Chanviaruta
  • Zomarth
  • Thizyria
  • Eiruta
  • Euria
  • Striyaclite
  • Llunorilia
  • Drichi VYKI
  • Veon 1P5

Are you looking for a simple resource that can suggest some ideas for amazing names for planets? With the rise of sci-fi and fantasy genres of stories, people started to create stories, write books and play games which have a great number of planets.

Planet names are usually no longer than 16 characters and can contain words, numbers, and letters. The words are often borrowed from Greek or Roman mythology. The inspiration may come from the Star Wars or other movies and series about space. Sometimes your imagination lets you down, and you cannot think of creative names for space objects in your sci-fi adventures. In a case like this, try our name generator, which would be a much faster way.

This service uses AI and a collection of popular planet names. To make a list of random names, you need to click the button. If you don't like any of the suggestions, click again to get a completely new list of options.

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