Generate Star Wars name ideas

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List of 15 good ideas for you

  • Wilwilon Cloudnan
  • Girbilliw Dalhti
  • Deviouc Anae
  • Tonwi
  • Amsbr Aycn
  • Dr. Brinotoms
  • Challengingh Ciudadary
  • Smailliw
  • Iloleral Dimensith
  • Brims Iffchr
  • San Wilon
  • Exhton Anoogatyl
  • Youngesq Arutak
  • B3-ON
  • Brightsa Turstin

Star Wars by George Lucas depicts a confrontation of two Orders in a distant galaxy. Incredibly successful upon its release in 1977, it has become the fifth-best selling franchise to date.

Every name in this blockbuster means something in different languages. For example, Darth Vader of Sith means 'dark father', whereas Jedi comes from jidaigeki, Japanese for 'period drama'.

If you have no ideas for your character's name, our service will apply artificial intelligence to generate random options based on the analysis of all names of heroes. Alternatively, it can produce a personalised human version derived from your name and surname.

Press the button to generate a list of 15 random names, male or female. If none appeals to you, press again for 15 more, and so on for the maximum of 1 million combinations until you see the one you like.

This page isn't affiliated with Star Wars, Lucasfilm or any of their licensees whatsoever.

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