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Les bons noms vikings

Dans l'Antiquité, les Vikings étaient connus non seulement pour leur courage au combat, mais aussi pour leurs noms distinctifs qui reflétaient leur nature et leurs origines. Les noms vikings jouaient un rôle important dans leur culture. Ils pensaient que le choix d'un nom correct pouvait déterminer le destin d'une personne.

Générateur de noms vikings

Notre outil présente toutes sortes de noms vikings afin de faciliter votre choix. Notre vaste base de données de noms tient compte de tous les conseils mentionnés ci-dessus pour vous aider à créer un personnage unique et distinctif dans le monde viking.

Listes de noms:

Quels sont les meilleurs noms vikings pour une femme ?

  • Astrid (meaning "divinely beautiful")
  • Eira (signifying "mercy" or "snow")
  • Freyja (named after the Norse goddess of love and beauty)
  • Idun (meaning "renewal" or "rejuvenation")
  • Sigrun (signifying "victory rune" or "victorious secret")
  • Ingrid (meaning "beautiful" or "fair")
  • Brynhild (named after a legendary shieldmaiden)
  • Frida (meaning "peace" or "gentle")
  • Eir (signifying "mercy" or "help")
  • Runa (named after the runic alphabet)
  • Lagertha (meaning "keeper of the fortress")
  • Liv (signifying "life")
  • Sif (named after the Norse goddess of grain and fertility)
  • Sigrid (meaning "victory" or "beautiful victory")
  • Hilda (signifying "battle" or "struggle")
  • Helga (named after "holy" or "blessed")
  • Thyra (meaning "god of thunder" or "thunder goddess")
  • Gudrun (signifying "divine knowledge" or "god's secret lore")
  • Alva (named after "elf" or "supernatural being")
  • Ragna (meaning "strong" or "wise")
  • Asta (signifying "love" or "affection")
  • Edda (named after the Old Norse poems)
  • Solveig (meaning "strength" or "power")
  • Signe (signifying "new victory" or "triumph")
  • Estrid (named after "god" or "divinely beautiful")
  • Ylva (meaning "she-wolf")
  • Ran (signifying "sea" or "robbery")
  • Frigga (named after the Norse goddess of marriage and motherhood)
  • Bodil (meaning "remedy" or "penance")
  • Svanhild (signifying "swan battle" or "battle of the swans")
  • Hedda (named after "battle" or "fight")
  • Jorun (meaning "stallion rune" or "secret rune")
  • Gunnhild (signifying "war" or "battle")
  • Hjordis (named after "sword" or "battle")
  • Thora (meaning "thunder" or "thunder goddess")
  • Astridur (signifying "divinely beautiful")
  • Eilif (named after "everlasting" or "eternal life")
  • Sigyn (meaning "victorious secret")
  • Lilja (signifying "lily" or "flower")
  • Hervor (named after "sword" or "warrior")
  • Gullveig (meaning "gold" or "gold addiction")
  • Gyda (signifying "god" or "divine")
  • Fridlief (named after "peace" or "dear life")
  • Sorla (meaning "sun" or "sunny")
  • Synnove (signifying "sun gift" or "gift of the sun")
  • Tove (named after "beautiful" or "good")
  • Hildur (meaning "battle" or "warrior")
  • Vigdis (signifying "war goddess" or "battle fairy")
  • Johanna (named after "god" or "gift of God")

Meilleurs prénoms masculins

  • Bjorn (meaning "bear")
  • Erik (signifying "ruler" or "eternal ruler")
  • Olaf (named after "ancestor's descendant" or "relic")
  • Leif (meaning "heir" or "descendant")
  • Ragnar (signifying "warrior" or "judgment warrior")
  • Gunnar (named after "war" or "battle")
  • Thor (meaning "thunder" or "thunder god")
  • Harald (signifying "army" or "ruler of an army")
  • Frey (named after the Norse god of fertility and prosperity)
  • Ivar (meaning "bow warrior" or "archer")
  • Hakon (signifying "high" or "noble")
  • Ulf (named after "wolf" or "warrior")
  • Sigurd (meaning "victory" or "protector")
  • Knut (signifying "knot" or "knot-shaped")
  • Haldor (named after "rock" or "thor's rock")
  • Odd (meaning "point of a sword" or "blade tip")
  • Asgeir (signifying "god" or "spear")
  • Tormod (named after "thor" or "thunder")
  • Finn (meaning "Finnish" or "wanderer")
  • Njord (signifying "norse" or "protector")
  • Sven (named after "young man" or "lad")
  • Valdemar (meaning "rule" or "ruler of power")
  • Torsten (signifying "Thor's stone" or "thunder stone")
  • Halfdan (named after "half" or "partial")
  • Magnus (meaning "great" or "mighty")
  • Frode (signifying "wise" or "intelligent")
  • Kjell (named after "kettle" or "helmet")
  • Eirik (meaning "ruler" or "eternal ruler")
  • Orvar (signifying "arrow" or "arrow point")
  • Rolf (named after "wolf" or "famous wolf")
  • Dag (meaning "day" or "sunlight")
  • Ingvar (signifying "warrior of Ing" or "hero")
  • Ulfar (named after "wolf" or "wolf warrior")
  • Kjetil (meaning "cauldron" or "helmet")
  • Tord (signifying "Thor" or "thunder")
  • Bragi (named after the Norse god of poetry)
  • Alvis (meaning "all wise" or "all knowing")
  • Ake (signifying "ancestor" or "forefather")
  • Grim (named after "mask" or "helmet")
  • Torbjorn (meaning "Thor's bear" or "thunder bear")
  • Steinar (signifying "stone warrior" or "stone man")
  • Eilif (named after "always" or "forever")
  • Aslak (meaning "god" or "divine")
  • Geir (signifying "spear" or "lance")
  • Olvir (named after "descendant of the heir" or "noble heir")
  • Orm (meaning "serpent" or "snake")
  • Torkel (signifying "Thor's cauldron" or "thunder kettle")
  • Einar (named after "one warrior" or "lone warrior")
  • Ingolf (meaning "Ing's wolf" or "heroic wolf")
  • Bjarne (signifying "bear" or "bear-like")

Liste de 50 prénoms de vikings

  • Bjorn (meaning "bear")
  • Astrid (signifying "divine strength")
  • Ragnar (named after "warrior" or "judgment warrior")
  • Lagertha (meaning "defensive army")
  • Erik (signifying "ruler" or "eternal ruler")
  • Ingrid (named after "beautiful" or "fair")
  • Leif (meaning "heir" or "descendant")
  • Svend (signifying "young man" or "lad")
  • Asta (named after "love" or "affection")
  • Ketil (meaning "cauldron" or "helmet")
  • Ivar (signifying "bow warrior" or "archer")
  • Gunnar (named after "war" or "battle")
  • Ragnhild (meaning "battle advice" or "battle counsel")
  • Thora (signifying "thunder" or "goddess of thunder")
  • Harald (named after "army" or "ruler of an army")
  • Aesa (meaning "god" or "goddess")
  • Soren (signifying "severe" or "stern")
  • Estrid (named after "god" or "divine")
  • Vidar (meaning "forest warrior" or "warrior in the woods")
  • Freyja (signifying "lady" or "noblewoman")
  • Magnus (named after "great" or "mighty")
  • Hakon (meaning "high" or "noble")
  • Asger (signifying "god" or "spear")
  • Sigurd (named after "victory" or "protector")
  • Ragna (meaning "wise army" or "wise counsel")
  • Ulf (signifying "wolf" or "warrior")
  • Rolf (named after "wolf" or "famous wolf")
  • Ingmar (meaning "famous Ing" or "heroic Ing")
  • Edda (signifying "great grandmother" or "great aunt")
  • Kjell (named after "kettle" or "helmet")
  • Torben (meaning "Thor's bear" or "thunder bear")
  • Aldis (signifying "battle" or "war")
  • Magne (named after "strength" or "mighty")
  • Bodil (meaning "penance" or "remorse")
  • Geir (signifying "spear" or "lance")
  • Sigbjorn (named after "victory bear" or "bear of victory")
  • Astridr (meaning "divinely beautiful" or "divine strength")
  • Tyr (signifying "god of war" or "warrior")
  • Thyra (named after "goddess of thunder" or "Thor's wife")
  • Vali (meaning "battle" or "slain warrior")
  • Frode (signifying "wise" or "intelligent")
  • Ake (named after "ancestor" or "forefather")
  • Thyri (meaning "god" or "goddess")
  • Arvid (signifying "eagle tree" or "eagle wood")
  • Hildegard (named after "battle" or "battle protection")
  • Orvar (meaning "arrow" or "arrow point")
  • Eirik (signifying "ruler" or "eternal ruler")
  • Ulfar (named after "wolf" or "wolf warrior")
  • Aslak (meaning "god" or "divine")
  • Freyr (signifying "lord" or "master")
  • Gunhild (named after "war" or "battle")
  • Stein (meaning "stone" or "rock")
  • Siv (signifying "bride" or "bride of Thor")
  • Kari (named after "wind" or "storm")
  • Odin (meaning "fury" or "rage")
  • Liv (signifying "life" or "lively")

Les noms vikings les plus célèbres

  • Leif Erikson (970-1020): Norse explorer who reached North America, possibly the first European to do so.
  • Ragnar Lothbrok: Legendary Viking hero whose exploits are chronicled in sagas and TV series.
  • Erik the Red (950-1003): Founded the first Norse settlement in Greenland.
  • Harald Hardrada (1015-1066): King of Norway who sought the English throne in 1066.
  • Ivar the Boneless: Strategically gifted Viking leader during the invasion of England.
  • Bjorn Ironside: Son of Ragnar Lothbrok, known for his Viking raids and explorations.
  • Eric Bloodaxe (895-954): Ruler of Norway and briefly Northumbria, England.
  • Gunnar Hamundarson: Legendary Icelandic outlaw and warrior.
  • Thorgest: Notable Viking chieftain and rival of Erik the Red.
  • Freydís Eiríksdóttir: Viking woman known for her bravery during the Vinland expeditions.
  • Floki Vilgerðarson: Mythical Viking explorer, credited with discovering Iceland.
  • Egill Skallagrímsson (910-990): Famed Viking warrior, poet, and saga character.
  • Astrid of the Obotrites: Viking queen who married King Olaf Tryggvason of Norway.
  • Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir: Accomplished Viking woman who participated in Vinland voyages.
  • Gunnar Hámundarson: Icelandic hero, known for his archery skills and courage.

Noms celtiques populaires pour garçons et filles

  • Finnian (meaning "fair")
  • Kieran (meaning "black-haired")
  • Lachlan (meaning "from the fjord land")
  • Conall (meaning "strong wolf")
  • Aodh (meaning "fire")
  • Colm (meaning "dove")
  • Eoin (meaning "God is gracious")
  • Ciaran (meaning "dark-haired")
  • Ruairi (meaning "red-haired king")
  • Lir (meaning "ocean")
  • Ailill (meaning "elf")
  • Tadhg (meaning "poet" or "philosopher")
  • Fearghus (meaning "strong man")
  • Eamonn (meaning "guardian")
  • Odhran (meaning "pale" or "sallow")
  • Bran (meaning "raven")
  • Padraig (meaning "noble" or "patrician")
  • Brendan (meaning "prince")
  • Cormac (meaning "charioteer")
  • Conan (meaning "little wolf")
  • Oisin (meaning "deer" or "young deer")
  • Fionn (meaning "fair" or "white")
  • Ronan (meaning "little seal")
  • Cillian (meaning "war")
  • Alaric (meaning "ruler of all")
  • Aine (meaning "radiance" or "joy")
  • Brianna (meaning "strong" or "virtuous")
  • Caoimhe (meaning "gentle" or "beautiful")
  • Deirdre (meaning "sorrowful")
  • Fiona (meaning "fair" or "white")
  • Eithne (meaning "kernel" or "nut")
  • Maeve (meaning "intoxicating")
  • Saoirse (meaning "freedom" or "liberty")
  • Roisin (meaning "little rose")
  • Sorcha (meaning "bright" or "radiant")
  • Teagan (meaning "poet" or "philosopher")
  • Orlaith (meaning "golden princess")
  • Grainne (meaning "grace" or "charm")
  • Niamh (meaning "bright" or "radiant")
  • Clodagh (meaning "shapely" or "beautiful")
  • Aisling (meaning "dream" or "vision")
  • Fidelma (meaning "beauty" or "charm")
  • Nuala (meaning "white shoulder" or "fair lady")
  • Sile (meaning "eye" or "gaze")
  • Aoife (meaning "beautiful" or "radiant")
  • Caitlin (meaning "pure" or "chaste")
  • Bridget (meaning "strength" or "exalted one")
  • Ailis (meaning "noble" or "kind")
  • Mairead (meaning "pearl")
  • Eilis (meaning "God is my oath")

Noms nordiques pour chiens et chats

  • Bein (meaning "Bone, ivory")
  • Edda (meaning "Great grandmother")
  • Frigga (meaning "Love, marriage, and destiny")
  • Heidrun (meaning "Gentle, healing")
  • Kvasir (meaning "Wisest of the Aesir")
  • Munin (meaning "Memory")
  • Norns (meaning "Fate")
  • Rune (meaning "Secret")
  • Sif (meaning "Wife of Thor")
  • Ullr (meaning "God of archery")
  • Var (meaning "Goddess of vows")
  • Yggdrasil (meaning "World tree")
  • Andvaranaut (meaning "Cursed ring")
  • Brisingamen (meaning "Freyja's necklace")
  • Dain (meaning "Dead")
  • Eir (meaning "Goddess of healing")
  • Freyja (meaning "Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility")
  • Geri (meaning "Greedy")
  • Hodur (meaning "Blind god")
  • Astrid (meaning "Beautiful")
  • Bjorn (meaning "Bear")
  • Erik (meaning "Ruler of all")
  • Frode (meaning "Wise")
  • Gunnar (meaning "Brave warrior")
  • Hilda (meaning "Battle woman")
  • Ingrid (meaning "Beautiful, beloved")
  • Jorvik (meaning "Wild boar settlement")
  • Kelda (meaning "Fountain, spring")
  • Leif (meaning "Heir")
  • Magni (meaning "Mighty")
  • Njord (meaning "God of the sea")
  • Odin (meaning "Chief god")
  • Ragnar (meaning "Warrior, warrior's judgment")
  • Saga (meaning "Seeing one")
  • Thora (meaning "Thunder goddess")
  • Ulf (meaning "Wolf")
  • Vali (meaning "Strong")
  • Ylva (meaning "She-wolf")
  • Ymir (meaning "First giant, ancestor of giants")
  • Fenrir (meaning "Monster wolf")
  • Heimdall (meaning "Watchman of the gods")
  • Kari (meaning "Wind")
  • Loki (meaning "Trickster god")
  • Mjolnir (meaning "Thor's hammer")
  • Nanna (meaning "Courageous")
  • Ran (meaning "Sea goddess")
  • Sigurd (meaning "Victory protector")
  • Tyr (meaning "God of law and justice")
  • Vidar (meaning "Warrior")
  • Alf (meaning "Elf")

Noms vikings rares

  • Askvid (meaning "Tree wood")
  • Brynhildr (meaning "Battle armor")
  • Dagrún (meaning "Day secret")
  • Eilifr (meaning "Eternal life")
  • Freydisa (meaning "Goddess of love")
  • Grimhildr (meaning "Masked battle")
  • Helgulf (meaning "Holy wolf")
  • Ingbjorn (meaning "Bear of Ing")
  • Jorun (meaning "Steed of thunder")
  • Kolskeggur (meaning "Cool beard")
  • Lytingr (meaning "Shining light")
  • Mjollnir (meaning "Thor's hammer")
  • Njalr (meaning "Daughter of the mist")
  • Otkatla (meaning "Wealthy helmet")
  • Ragnfredr (meaning "Peaceful advice")
  • Sighvatr (meaning "Victorious war")
  • Torvaldr (meaning "Thunder ruler")
  • Ullr (meaning "Glory")
  • Víga-Hrappr (meaning "Battle-snatcher")
  • Yngvildr (meaning "Descendant of Ing")
  • Ælfgifu (meaning "Elf gift")
  • Bjartur (meaning "Bright")
  • Dunstan (meaning "Dark stone")
  • Erlendr (meaning "Foreigner")
  • Fridleifr (meaning "Peaceful heir")
  • Gyrid (meaning "Spear strength")
  • Holmgeirr (meaning "Island spear")
  • Illugi (meaning "Illustrious")
  • Jorvikr (meaning "Horse bay")
  • Kolfinn (meaning "Coal finder")
  • Lifr (meaning "Life")
  • Mær (meaning "Maiden")
  • Nauthiz (meaning "Need, necessity")
  • Ormrinn (meaning "The serpent")
  • Ragnald (meaning "Counsel of the gods")
  • Sif (meaning "Wife of Thor")
  • Thorgnyr (meaning "Thor's roaring")
  • Ulfhildr (meaning "Wolf battle")
  • Vemundr (meaning "Sacred protector")
  • Yrsa (meaning "She-bear")
  • Ælfweard (meaning "Elf guardian")
  • Botolv (meaning "Boat wolf")
  • Dagny (meaning "New day")
  • Eir (meaning "Healer")
  • Frosti (meaning "Frost")
  • Gunnvardr (meaning "Guardian of battle")
  • Ingólf (meaning "Ing's wolf")
  • Jörundr (meaning "Sword of thunder")
  • Ketilbjǫrn (meaning "Kettle bear")
  • Leifrún (meaning "Life secret")

Comment choisir un bon nom ?

Vous devez prendre en compte de nombreux éléments pour faire le bon choix. Nous avons énuméré les plus importants d'entre eux ci-dessous :

  • Découvrez la signification des différents noms vikings et choisissez celui qui reflète vos caractéristiques ou les traits que vous développerez.
  • Le nom doit être facile à prononcer, accrocheur et distinctif.
  • Essayez d'éviter les idées trop communes pour que votre Viking soit facile à mémoriser.
  • N'ayez pas peur d'exprimer votre personnalité à travers le nom. Les Vikings étaient des guerriers courageux et indépendants. Choisissez un nom qui souligne votre caractère unique.

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