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Coming up with a new Instagram username can be a real challenge. What should it sound like? How would it look? The importance of a good nickname can hardly be overestimated. Not only does it reflect your personality and values, but also gives your potential followers a hint of the content they are likely to discover in your profile.

Whether you want it to look cute or cool, minimalist or sophisticated, choose your name with great care. To provide some assistance in the process, here we present a bunch of username ideas and relevant tips on how to pick it.

Some Tips on How to Pick the Best Username:

  1. Use your real name. The first tip that naturally comes to mind is to create a creative combination featuring your real name, be it a full or short name. For example: Catherine_98, DanaSmith. (Note: be careful when disclosing your personal information! Do not use your full name if you do not want others to know it).
  2. Reduplicate letters. Add some spice and attract attention to your username by multiplying some of its letters. For example: Alexxxx, Annnie.
  3. Experiment with caps lock. Letters of various size immediately catch one’s eye and make your name stand out. For example: HannaH, BaDGirl.
  4. Play with alliteration. Alliteration is a linguistic term which refers to using a number of identical consonants in one word. We always tend to remember similar sounds and find them pleasing to our ear. Turning to this strategy can be very helpful when choosing a nickname. For example: Sally_Sunshine, DaisyDarling.
  5. Turn numbers into letters. A very simple yet eye-catching technique: use numbers instead of certain letters to make your username look more prominent and fascinating. For example: d0lly, Chr1st1ne.

These tips can surely kindle a flame of creativity in your brain. They are, however, a tiny drop in the ocean. Brand names, toponyms, your favorite song or book titles – you never know where the ideas for a new username may come from. Toy with your name, numbers, or symbols to produce a unique personalized username. The possible combinations and variations are limitless!

But if you still need more ideas and options to choose from, check out our Username Generator. Username Generator will provide you with a wide range of name prompts. It is super easy to use: simply click the Generate button, and a randomly compiled list of usernames will pop up. Do not see anything you like and want to give it another try? Just click the button again, and a new list will be generated for you in the blink of an eye. Feel free to go on and check it out for yourself!

We hope our tips and the Username Generator will come in handy when choosing a brand new username. Keep in mind the importance of a unique and catchy nickname, and pick it wisely. It is a purely creative and enjoyable process, so feel free to take as much time as you need.

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