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10 names are generated special for you:

  • Posteast
  • Well-ovestman
  • Acdon
  • Tantodmish
  • Mysteetant
  • Voltaimeal
  • Pothometatarsal
  • Teekfly
  • Wallaghost
  • Beloyhail
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If you say you've never watched even a single episode of "Pokemon", you'll be deemed to be a person from another universe for sure. There is no child, who grew up in the late 90's and didn't catch the airing of this anime series. Its widespread success inspired people to create their own Original Characters (OCs), based upon the original series.

But there is a catch: to create a character is one thing. But to give it a memorable, interesting, personality-describing name, which will make the audience fall in love with it even more, is another, much harder task to complete. Luckily for you, reader, we’ve collected some useful advice on how to create such a name, so you’ll have no trouble doing it.

  1. Decide which animal to use as an inspiration;
  2. Check out some historical and cultural information about this animal;
  3. Try using our generator;
  4. Look up some words from ancient languages like Latin;
  5. Push your imagination to its limits;
  6. Look at the color design of your Pokemon.

And the last, but not the least – have fun. After all, that’s what OCs are created for to explore the creative side of one’s mind.

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